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World Curling Tour Europe


Frequently Asked Questions…

What is the World Curling Tour – Europe?

  • a way of organizing and giving value to top tournaments in Europe 
  • running under the banner of the World Curling Tour (Canada), but with a separate European cash ranking list. 

Who is eligible to participate in the World Curling Tour – Europe?

  • all curlers in Europe 

What are the goals of the World Curling Tour – Europe?

  • increase the general awareness of the sport of Curling in Europe  
  • promote more attractive tournaments for players and organizers  
  • create an additional season goal for active teams next to National Championships  
  • more exposure and quality events for individual team sponsors  
  • in time to secure more TV psence and Tour sponsorship 

What can you win on the World Curling Tour – Europe?

  • the two best European teams will have the chance to participate in the World Curling Tour Championship Final in Canada.
  • Every team in the WCT-E gets more invitations to bonspiels all over the world, including Canada 

When will the World Curling Tour – Europe begin?

  • The WCT-E Season begins each year on September 1st and ends on the following 31st of January.

How to become a member of the Word Curling Tour – Europe?

  • Every Mens Team that participate in a WCT-E Tournament becomes a WCT-E Member for the actual Season.

Who is organizing the World Curling Tour – Europe?

  • Europe: Raphael Brütsch, Reto “Superfox” Seiler, Markus Rindlisbacher   
  • From the country reps Uli Kapp (Germany), Peter Lindholm (Sweden), Mike Hay (Scotland), Ulrik Schmidt (Denmark), Magnus Utgård (Norway)